House and Tron Legacy star Olivia Wilde, like many celebrities, has taken to Twitter to drum up support for the earthquake-ravaged Haiti. Olivia has pledged to send a personalized 'thank you' video to anyone generous enough to donate $200 or more to Artists for Peace and Justice's Haiti campaign. Wilde tweets:

"Its worse every minute guys, so we are raising the stakes. Those who give $200 or more will get a personal thank you video… THANK YOU for your donation, OF ANY AMOUNT. they are all crucial.

“I swear to you that every dollar is going directly to the Haitians who need it most. THANK YOU.”

Other celebrities such as Wyclef Jean, Tiger Woods, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Ben Stiller, Jessica Alba, and Heroes' Jimmy Jean-Louis and Zachary Quinto, have urged fans to donate via Twitter and their own charity programs.

See?! That's how you do it, Sarah McLachlan. You don't need to bum us out with suicidal animals to get your point across. Just be frank and to the point and send us videos of Olivia Wilde.

You can donate to the Artists for Peace and Justice here. Or you can pledge $10 to the Red Cross by texting "HAITI" to 90999.