Old Schlubby Pal Vince Vaughn To Join Ben Stiller In ‘Neighborhood Watch’

Thursday, June 30 by

In news that makes sense because, really, could it happen any other way, Vince Vaughn will be joining Ben Stiller in the Akiva Schaffer-helmed Neighborhood Watch. This comedy will follow Stiller and Vaughn as regular-Joe dads that find their involvement in their neighborhood crime watch could save the planet.

Both Stiller and Vaughn could use something of a fresh start after spending the past five or so years largely coasting in rom-com and sequel fare to lackluster popular and critical reception. It would seem that this could serve as an excellent opportunity with the edgier Schaffer behind the camera and a recent draft of the script penned by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, the braintrusts behind Superbad.

So with the pedigree of director and writers, let’s hope that there’s at least some semblance of a wrinkle here. Perhaps Ben Stiller could be a junkie like he was in Permanent Midnight and Vince Vaughn could play a sex-crazed self-mutilator. No? Okay, no.

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