Sam Peckinpah has been dead for a while now (it's a wonder he lived as long as he did, now that I think about it), but his work lives on in the hearts and minds of cinephiles and fans of the western decades after the fact. And now it looks like the prospect of a new Peckinpah movie is a reality, kind of.

The story is that producer Al Ruddy stumbled upon the script, called The Texans, while going through his belongings recently. It had been on his desk for 20 years after being ditched due to City Slickers ruining the market for straightforward westerns. Now that the classic western is making a comeback, most recently thanks to the Coen brothers' stellar True Grit, and that bastard Daniel Stern is nowhere to be seen, The Texans is being put back into development.

It's unlikely there's a director out there who will make this movie as well as Peckinpah in his prime could have, but this is still pretty exciting news. I'd like to put the recommendation out there that Wayne Kramer, who dedicated Running Scared to Peckinpah (among others), would make a pretty cool choice. Take note, Hollywood! (via The Playlist)