You know you're old when you're making announcements about your movie at an AARP meeting. Glamorous, that is not. However, that's what director Rob Reiner did recently about his new movie The Third Act. He announced the leads will be Annette Bening and Morgan Freeman, in a movie I hope will make The Bucket List look like the next Spy Kids installment.

We don't know much else about the film, and that's by puppet master Reiner's design. Here's a quote from the Reinman himself:
I’m working on a film the title of it now is now called The Third Act. It looks like we’ll have Morgan Freeman and Annette Bening in it together. I don’t want to tell you more about it because we haven’t even started shooting yet.  You’re the only person I’ve told. It hasn’t been announced.  I’m directing –producing and doing some rewriting from an original script by a fellow named Guy Thomas.

Will it be about old people falling in love? Will my grandma see it? Will she love it? Perhaps. If they're smart, there'll be some kind of sucking candy tie-in. One thing's for sure, if my grandma asks, "will you 'stand by me' at the ticket counter," I'll do it, but only if we go to separate theaters and I get to see Prometheus. (/Film)