As Rebecca Romijn slithers her way forward in life, leaving the X-Men character behind her, such is the circle of life that another actress should cover herself in nothing but royal blue latex and a dream. It seems as the blue plastic suit binds them even today, as we have stories on both.

The former Mystique (Romijn) has decided to just fold her hand, give up on the game of life and star in the new Tyler Perry movie Good Deeds (the protagonist's name is Glen Deeds, you see). It will also star Thandie Newton and Jamie Kennedy.  Synthesize that information however the hell you please. (Deadline)

Enough sad news about falling stars. Let's talk about the new Mystique, Ms. Jennifer Lawrence (of Winter's Bone and the upcoming Hunger Games). She looks...kinda silly. Like an especially awkward mutant. I half-expect to see braces when she smiles.

But, then again, Mystique always did. Let's hope that Lawrence gets to flex her Oscar-nominated acting chops outside of the latex, otherwise it seems like a bit of a wasted opportunity for everyone involved in X-Men: First Class. (The Wrap)

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