There's a movie coming out by Michael Bay, master storyteller and robot-blower-upper. And it's called Transformers: Dark of the Moon because moons are big with kids between 8 and 13 right now. Well, it turns out that ridiculous title has already bee taken for some time, by a play written in 1939 by Howard Richardson and William Berney based on an Appalachian folk song (called "The Ballad of Barbara Allen"). Now, that play is being made into a movie, so it' up in the air how the whole title conflict is going to play out. It reminds me of the whole Avatar/Last Airbender conflict from a while ago. The play, while bereft of transforming robots, does have ghosts, which is probably why it's being adapted now with horror movies being big and all. Here's a new title suggestion for the project, on the house: Transmorphers. (via SlashFilm)