Remember when we reported from Comic-Con a couple weeks ago that The Hobbit was only going to be two films? Well, we were all very stupid for believing that. Because it's going to be three films. Three times the action! Three times the unknown British character actors! YES!

As I discussed in the original report, it's a little disconcerting that, with filming wrapped on the two three films and with one coming out in four months that another film can be crafted from the scraps of the two planned films. Will the entire film just be a series of gag reels of shrunken actors flubbing lines and offering up drunken Hobbit-themed freestyle raps?

Because if so...awesome.

The new release schedule is as follows:

Hobbit 1: December 14th, 2012

Hobbit 2: The Hobbiting: December, 2013

Hobbit 3: Let's Get This Party Started!: Summer 2014