Man, that Guillermo del Toro doesn't bulldump around.

Yesterday was a tumultuous day for the adaptation of At The Mountains Of Madness. In the morning, news broke that the project was ramping up for a June shoot with Tom Cruise on as the lead. By afternoon, there was news that Universal was having mo' problems with the budget (which oft happens with mo' money). And by evening, del Toro's dream project was not happening.

The Criterion Cast wrote an email to del Toro asking whether the film would have a summer start and he responded, "The opposite- Dead. - G"

Sounds pretty definitive but what if by "dead," he meant the kind of dead that can be magically resurrected like in the Hellboy movies? All we'll need to bring this back is the Spell of the Ancients and a lock of Guillermo's beard hair. And a studio green light.