America's Madman Tommy Wiseau has achieved fame and fortune for his work on the film The Room. The movie, which even your parents know about by now, has captivated audiences with its bizarre characters and strange set-pieces, such as an incredibly awkward game of short-distance catch with a football. And since Tommy Wiseau seems to be so genuinely insane and the movie so insanely bad, it really never occurred to anyone to doubt his authorial stamp on it. Well, here's a depressing nugget of news for you: Someone else thinks he deserves a directorial credit on The Room. According to the film's script supervisor Sandy Schklair, the following distinctly Wiseau-like exchange took place between them after Wiseau requested that Schklair “tell the actors what to do, and yell ‘Action’ and ‘Cut’ and tell the cameraman what shots to get”:
Schklair: “Umm…you want me to direct your project?”
Wiseau: “No I am director!”
Schklair: “Yeah, you’re the director, whatever. But you want me to direct your movie for you?”
Wiseau: “Yes, please.”

An anonymous actor who declined to be named (I'm guessing it was Wiseau, just to mess with us), had this corroborating report to offer:
"The script supervisor ended up sort of directing the movie. Tommy was so busy being an actor that this other guy directed the whole thing."

Wiseau of course is denying everything in that weird voice where it's hard to figure out if he understands what's going on or not. It will be interesting how far Schklair will go to get his name attached to The Room, which he claims to have embraced the comedic aspect of and thus is responsible for that special Room-y feeling that drove the whole world insane. My guess is that this development will be unceremoniously dropped and then never referred to again. (via SlashFilm)