Alright. Now y'all are actively trying to piss James Cameron off. It has been just days after the cantankerous director blasted movie studios for their greedy antics like creating crappy franchises a la Battleship. Now, Fox has teamed up with Atari to make that Missile Command movie. Probably in 3-D.

No plot details yet, so we can't tell you who will be shooting colorful lines at Taylor Lautner. Or some other Taylor. Or Dennis Quaid at the very least. But I can tell you one thing. This movie is going to be really, really good. Matter of fact, I'm going to start working on having a child right now so that they may be born in time to see Missile Command in a theater. Because that's the only real way to experience it. Now, I only need to find a host to carry my future Missile Command super-fan. Any takers, ladies? No. Serious? Wow. Would it help to sway your decision if I were to tell you that I have bad sinuses and wear a pedometer? That's right. You can hit me up on our Facebook. (Variety)