Zack Snyder's new movie Sucker Punch (opening March 25th) is about a girl who's committed to an insane asylum. Meanwhile, we're going insane looking at the sexy girls in the ginormous new promo poster below! I bet the blonde on the left didn't even hit that robot with her sword -- it probably just malfunctioned, said "CLEAVAGE PROCESSOR OVERLOADED" and started sparking.

This will be Zach Snyder's first movie based on an original script, not an adaptation. As you can see, the film's got a bunch of sexy, scantily clad girls who also kick ass... and they say Hollywood is out of new ideas! *Rimshot* Though we've got to give props to any movie poster that features a fire-breathing dragon, a robot army, a B-52 bomber and some kind of ogre samurai. Between those elements and all the hot girls, it makes me wonder if Zack Snyder secretly optioned this recurring dream I had in middle school for source material. (

Click twice for the bigger version!