In this age of superhero blockbuster decadence, it doesn't even seem possible to make things too big. The Avengers represents like five franchises, Batman is fighting Superman, and the crossover opportunities seem endless.

However, could worlds really collide to bring us Superman in a Star Wars world? Or, far less likely, vice versa?

Almost certainly not, but when Zack Snyder Tweeted out this image of the Man of Steel holding a lightsaber, it sure did get people talking about what's to be discussed at his upcoming panel at Comic-Con.

Of course, Warner Bros works with DC, and Disney owns Marvel (and Star Wars), so there's no natural fit, nor is there much incentive for Disney to play nice with the enemy.

But still, you've got our attention you crafty marketer, Mr. Snyder. So what the hell does this represent, other than our gullibility?