Universal To Brainwash Jeremy Renner For ‘Bourne Legacy’

Thursday, April 21 by

It seems like every actor in Hollywood was up for the role of the lead in the new Bourne movie. With the departure of Matt Damon, a vortex opened up at Universal, sucking in names big and small, from James McAvoy to Joel “Who?” Edgerton. However, the mighty vortex stopped when it found the actor they wanted: Oscar Nominee Jeremy Renner. Every other actor in Hollywood, thanks for coming. You’re all winners, except not really. Only Renner is the winner.

Renner (The Town, The Hurt Locker) will play a character who’s not Jason Bourne in the forth film, which is titled Bourne Legacy. I wonder if further sequels will also have to wedge “Bourne” in the name for continuity purposes, like Bourne’s Shadow, The Bourne Similarity, and Basically Bourne, You Guys. Interestingly, Renner also plays a spy in Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol, so that begs the question: which studio is Renner really working for? He can’t work both sides for much longer… (Deadline)


  1. April 21, 2011 6:45 pm


    Very nice choice. I approve, Universal.

  2. April 21, 2011 6:45 pm


    Terrible, HORRIBLE choice! NOT because of Renner (wonderful actor) but a truly UNINSPIRED choice by Universal! Renner is already the face of two franchises (MI4 & AVENGERS with, god willing, Hawkeye spin-off). That is already a committal of 6-7 movies, with one of them being a spy genre. How many times can we see you do the same sort of thing in different movies before we get tired? Over saturation, especially of a good thing, can kill or severely damage a career…just ask Jude Law

    I love Jeremy Renner actually, back when I thought HE should’ve been the lead in S.W.A.T. instead of Colin, but this is some of the laziest bullshit studios have pulled in a minute since…well…since they cast him in MI4 LMAO…or Chris Evans as Captain America AND The Human Torch-take your pick, but I digress…

    I think a very bad creative precedent was set with that Captain America choice. There used to be an unwritten, unsaid non-compete clause amongst studios about putting one high profile actor in the same type of movie for another studio. Well, chuck that out the window, now you will see the SAME “It” boy/“hot” actor in every movie for every studio (not an over reaction, look at the short lists for AKIRA & you’ll see).

    Such a damn shame, because like Jude Law, if Chris Rock makes a joke about him & everybody laughs because it’s true and then we don’t see Renner’s ass for two or three years, it’s gonna suck. Dude is good & deserves better.

    That being said, it was HIS choice, so I’m lookin’ at him side eyed too. Whatever…over Bourne anyway

  3. April 21, 2011 6:45 pm


    buch of crybabys, who cares what movies these guys are in. i’ll watch it reguardless. you have to have enough smarts to realize that the actors are not the actual character in the movie.

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