In case you didn't totally recall (I think you'll appreciate this pun once you read further), Jessical Biel and Kate Beckinsale were both in talks to join Len Wiseman's remake of Total Recall (eh?) for Columbia. Those talks have turned into representatives, executives and lawyers making agreements, so Beckinsale and Biel will indeed contribute to Colin Farrell's mind warping in the upcoming reboot.

[post-album postid="212861" item="2"]Meanwhile, Quatto is in the house. Or rather, in the chest. Actor Bill Nighy is likely to play the mutant resistance leader. At least, I hope he'll remain a mutant living inside another guy. This new version sadly dumps Mars for countries called Euromerica and New Shanghai. If the producers think going to Mars is too goofy, then how much of a chance does dude-popping-out-of-another-dude have?

Total Recall starts filming in Toronto this June. (Hollywood Reporter, Collider)