Don't you hate how there aren't any good comedies set in the colonial period? Yeah, you do. Even if you didn't even know you did. AMC sure does, and that's (presumably) why they're stepping out with We Hate Paul Revere, one such comedy that follows two guys who sure do hate Paul Revere.

Of course, it would have been fairly predictable for AMC to cast some d-bag in the role of Paul Revere, like one of the Workaholics, or maybe Ed Helms. Nope. They got one of the more likable people in the world, Ron Livingston, to play Paul Revere.

Why do those two guys hate Paul Revere so much? Especially if he's played by affable everyman Ron Livingston? Maybe they're jerks. Or maybe Paul Revere is a jerk. Sometimes people just don't get along. It's not necessarily a testament to their personalities. Whatever.

Just watch the show. It's rare that networks take such a high-concept risk that doesn't sound stupid right off the back. With any luck, we'll ALL be hating Paul Revere for years to come.