James Cameron has two loves -- creating new technologies that forever change the landscape of film making, and breathing through a tube. So, it comes as no surprise that he'll combine both passions for the Avatar sequels. Producer Jon Landau revealed yesterday at the 2013 NAB Technology Summit on Cinema that Cameron will develop techniques for underwater motion capture. It has hencetofore been considered impossible due to the buoyancy of ping pong balls.
Speaking at a technology in cinema conference, Landau said the Oscar-winning director proposed to make use of the process “because we can simulate it visually but can’t simulate it experientially for them”. Cameron has previously hinted at the possibility of exploring the oceans of Pandora, the forest moon setting for his 2009 3D box-office hit, in future films.

“We want to take advantage of the technologies brilliant people are putting out to make the next two movies even more emotionally engaging and visually tantalising, and to really wrap up the story arc of our two main characters,” Landau said on Sunday in a keynote speech at the 2013 NAB Technology Summit on Cinema in Las Vegas. He described the process as “performance capture in water”. (Deadline)

This is great news for cinema. But bad news for Andy Serkis, who famously suffers from a condition that makes him water-soluble.