Will Addison Timlin Flash ‘Odd Thomas’ Her Boobs?

Tuesday, April 5 by

So Odd Thomas struck out with Lily Collins (The Blind Side). Collins was the frontrunner to play Stormy Llewellyn in the Dean Koontz adaptation, but decided she wanted to play one of the 200 Snow Whites in one of the 200 Snow White movies coming out – specifically, Th Brothers Grimm: Snow White for Relativity Media.

Who will date the dead people-seeing, short-order cook played by Anton Yelchin now? Rumors say it’ll be Addison Timlin from “Californication,” who would beat out the likes of Emma RobertsPortia Doubleday, and Kat Dennings. See, flashing your boobs on Showtime can only lead to great things.

Stephen Sommers is directing his own script. (Variety)


  1. April 5, 2011 8:54 pm


    Who? Nevermind — she looks goooood-d-d-d

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