Oblivion was only in turnaround for two weeks before it found a potential suitor in Universal. It's still unclear why Disney decided to step away from the project, especially after the success of Kosinski's last film, Tron. However, the obvious merits weren't lost on other studios, who have been quietly pursuing the Joseph Kosinski production.

Update: The title has been changed to Horizons, apparently.

The deal only got sweeter, as Kosinski had managed to land Tom Cruise in early talks for a starring role in. With Cruise's name added to the "pros" column, Universal only has one thing left to ask of Kosinski - get the budget down to $100 million. Considering Cruise's fee could take a quarter of that amount all by itself, don't be surprised to see Tom get involved in a production role in order to get some of that sweet, sweet back end.

This new arrangement could be a blessing for all involved. Kosinski gets more control, Disney doesn't have to worry about sullying their image, and Cruise gets yet another opportunity to demonstrate to the public that he isn't a lunatic. Win-win-win. (Deadline)