It's been just over a week since Chairman Obama "won" his second term in the White House, but the dictator-in-chief is already hard at work radically altering the very foundation of this country in order to fit his Marxist ideals. In his latest racial engineering scheme, Kenya's favorite son has directed his Zionist co-conspirators in Hollywood to tarnish the legacy of the beloved Twins franchise with a sequel titled Triplets. While details are scarce, Deadline is reporting that these "Hollyweird" libs will shoehorn Eddie Murphy into the cast as a long-lost brother in order to further promote their twisted agenda.

Book Of Mormon star Josh Gad and Ryan Dixon are now set to script the treatment for Triplets, the Twins sequel that will be produced by Montecito for Universal Pictures. Dixon will write the script. The film has Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito attached to reprise their roles as the mismatched siblings, and Eddie Murphy is attached to play the third brother. Ivan Reitman will direct.

The entire scheme would be laughable if not for the fact that it ruins the plot of the original film. As you'll recall, Schwarzenegger played a genetically pure superman who was created in a lab, while Danny DeVito played his subhuman byproduct twin brother. The science behind the film only works if one twin inherits all of the sought after genes, while the other inherits all of the undesirables. Adding a third brother to the mix, regardless of his race, totally invalidates the entire premise. Adding a black man only adds to the confusion. At what price diversity, America?