A comic book becoming a movie? I know, it sounds impossible - even improbable - but that's the news.

[post-album postid="209441" item="4"]Devil's Due comic The Nye Incidents will be helmed for the big screen by director Todd Lincoln, who'll also be tackling a Twitter-based zombie movie. #surewhynot The comic, written by Whitley Strieber (Communion) and Craig Spector, follows a medical examiner who doesn't believe in aliens. No, not even ALFs, as hilarious as they are. However, when an alien abductee murder case comes across her desk, and she ends up chasing a serial killer who might not be human, her faith in the logical is shaken. Then she teams up with David Duchovny for a couple seasons, nerds will briefly worship her, and finally we won't hear from her ever again.

Lincoln will produce alongside Daniel Alter (Hitman) for RKO. (Hollywood Reporter)