Because the Entourage movie is related to Entourage, it must suffer a great number of goofy setbacks that would cause Turtle to say, "Oh no. Now Vince can't do da movie!" The latest of which is appropriately goofy.

Vincent Chase, the legendary acting coach and man who trained Tommy Wiseau, has served Warner Bros. with a cease-and-desist letter demanding that the studio not use the name “Vincent Chase,” which is kind of difficult when that's the name of your main character. A little backstory: Chase and Entourage inspiration Mark Wahlberg became friends in the late 90's. This friendship was so treasured by Wahlberg that he decided to steal the man's name as a confusing homage.

Considering most of the characters from Entourage were direct lifts from people who'd touched the special life of Mark Wahlberg, these suits are nothing new. It's doubtful that Chase has a real case here but if Adrian Grenier is suddenly playing "Chincent Vase" when the big-screen adaptation hits theaters, you'll know why. (TMZ)