We've all been made to look as fools. FOOLS!

On Monday, Sylvester Stallone CLEARLY stated in an unintelligible Facebook post that, “We are preparing the film with the same passion and commitment as the previous two. We have confirmed Nicolas Cage, a master actor who gives a veneer intellectual group." However, now Stallone tells Deadline that he “has no knowledge of Nicolas Cage joining Expendables 3." Humnha-wha?!

What is going on with Sylvester Stallone? Just days ago he wrote in plain English a string of words that nearly made sense, only to pull the rug out from beneath us all. You can't play with us like that, Sly. It's bullying and it's mean. To make up for this, I demand that an Expendables spin-off starring Nicolas Cage in multiple roles a la Adaptation. The technology exists! And if he's not willing, can we take his face off and put it on another actor? That technology exists too!