If news of Peter Jackson's The Hobbit filled you with a sense of dread that there simply wouldn't be enough familiar characters with pointy ears to ease you back into Middle Earth, breathe a little easier. Ian McKellan, who is a Knight of the British Empire, and thus, reliable, has revealed on his blog that Hugo Weaving's character Elrond in Tolkien's epic. (This picture was taken on the set of The Hobbit.)

In the book, Elrond provides shelter for Bilbo and company during their journey, laying the groundwork for their friendship. The extent this scene will be spotlighted in the film in unknown, but expect more than a cameo.

This news follows Orlando Bloom's statement that his character, Legolas, will also make an appearance. No word on that front since early April.

During his blab-a-thon, McKellan also revealed that the first unit production will be taking break while Martin Freeman leaves the set to film three "Sherlock" episodes for televisions. Selfish, Martin. I'd expect better from you.

These announcements confirm two things: 1)Production on The Hobbit is in full swing down in New Zealand, and 2) Ian McKellan has kind of a big mouth for a Knight. If he gets on Twitter, I'm calling for another revolution. (Playlist)