(Not Crazy) Robert Duvall To Star In (Crazy) Billy Bob Thorton’s New Movie

Monday, January 17 by

Billy Bob Thornton‘s making a film called Jayne Mansfield’s Car and Robert Duvall is going to star. You know who else is gonna star? Billy Bob Thornton. Can you guess who’s gonna write and direct the movie too? If you guessed Gus Van Sant, you should have guessed Billy Bob Thornton. Wasn’t the answer really obvious?

Duvall will have a supporting role in this independently financed film that may or may not be about blonde bombshell actress Jane Mansfield. The Godfather actor claims the movie “puts Tennessee Williams in the back seat — it’s that brilliant.” From what I know about Tennessee Williams, he would have no problem going into the backseat, as long as a swarthy Italian WWII soldier dude was there with him.

Speaking of WWII, here’s what we do know about the plot, courtesy of Duvall:

“It’s about a guy in between WWI and WWII who raises a family after his wife left him for an Englishman and moved to England…When the wife dies, she asks to be brought back to Alabama to be buried, and at that point the character hasn’t seen her in 20 or 30 years. The two families — her original family she abandoned and her English family — meet and then things get really interesting.”

This doesn’t exactly scream out to me “go see this,” but as everyone says, “you gotta respect The Duvall.” I say that at least twice a week. (indieWIRE)

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