Nostalgia Overload: Apatow May Direct Pee Wee

Monday, January 10 by

According to no less than Pee-Wee himself,  Judd Apatow is considering directing his production of Pee-Wee’s untitled next movie Paul Ruebens said to the Television Critics Association (to us via The Playlist), that, “Judd has not decided, I guess he’s waiting to read the script, which is not completed yet.” The fact that Apatow is not involved in the script is probably a pretty good sign that his involvement will be limited to that of producer, as this is a guy who has the clear ability and preference to direct his own script. The fact of the matter is that in today’s Hollywood, Apatow is attached to everything until he explicitly says he isn’t.

Beyond Apatow’s leanings, it doesn’t sound like he would be the best man for the job, anyway. Apatow has shown to be a comedic goldmine in a lot of different areas, but “whimsy” hasn’t been one of them. His biggest asset in this venture might be the endless parade of A-list talent he could get to parade through the film in cameos. That said, if Seth Rogen reprises the role of Francis, I’m going to chew off my own arm and throw it at the movie screen. It’s nothing personal, Judd, just make sure that Pee-Wee is able to do his own thing and keep the Mr. T cereal on hand. He just burns through that stuff.

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