No stranger to cast shake-ups, Django Unchained is once again losing a few marquee names. Sacha Baron Cohen announced yesterday that The Dictator publicity tour will require him to show up places and throw ashes on the unsuspecting rather than take the small slave owner role he'd previously agreed to. That's a bummer. I was eager to see how he'd set back civil liberties on the red carpet at the premiere.

Also peace-outtying the production is Quentin Tarantino's Death Proof star Kurt Russell. An anonymous source claims they witnessed Russell storm off set apparantly unhappy with his role. However, if that was his standard practice how do you explain all of those Kurt Russell movies? Luckily, Walton Goggins is on set to lend a hand.

Goggins, who plays a different evil son of a bitch in the film, will absorb the evil deeds that Russell's son of a bitch was slated to commit. Thanks for being a team player, Walton. (Cinema Blend)