Everyone gets mad at me because I hate Drive. Seems like I was just ahead of the curve.

Nicholas Winding Refn's followup, Only God Forgives, was received with boos at Cannes by the very same people who smelled his farts last time around. I should just say this isn't me rubbing anything in anyone's face because a) I'm allowed to like what I like and you're allowed to like what you like, and b) I haven't seen Only God Forgives and can't effectively critique it. But Jeffrey Wells from Hollywood Elsewhere can. Awesomely.
“Movies really don’t get much worse than Nicholas Winding Refn‘s ‘Only God Forgives’,” [Jeffrey Wells] writes. “It’s a sh*t macho fantasy – hyper violent, ethically repulsive, sad, nonsensical, deathly dull, snail-paced, idiotic, possibly woman-hating, visually suffocating, pretentious.

“I realize I sound like Rex Reed on one of his rants, but trust me, please – this is a defecation by an over-praised, over-indulged director who thinks anything he cr*ps out is worthy of your time. I felt violated, sh*t upon, sedated, narcotized, appalled and bored stiff.”

Jeffrey Wells, I want you inside me. (Yahoo! UK)