If you were hoping for a Wolverine cameo in the upcoming X-Men: First Class, you're outta luck, bub. You'll have to settle for seeing him in every other X-Men movie and spin-off. This and more was revealed in a recent interview with the newer, younger, hairier Professor Xavier: James McAvoy.

In addition to revealing the film's lack of Logan, McAvoy says Professor X was supposed to be bald in the movie, but studio heads nixed the idea. I guess they don't want this cool, pretty, badly-Photoshopped cast of mutant freaks to be mucked up by a baldo. This "freed" up McAvoy to not have to do a Patrick Stewart impression, and he gives us details on how the young telepath is different:
You look at the kind of main, defining characteristics of Professor X, of Charlie Boy, and you go, 'Alright, he’s selfless. He’s a saint. He’s sexless, it seems. He’s egoless. He’s all about other people. He’s all about bettering the world and mutantkind and humankind.' And so you kind of try and flip that on its head. You don’t make him an evil person, or anything like that, but you make him ego-driven, women-chasing, he likes a good drink. He’s not the reluctant leader that you kind of want all heroes to be. He actually kind of wants to be in charge, you know what I mean? And all of those things, just to kind of show a journey. So by the end of the movie he’s some way towards becoming Patrick Stewart[‘s version of the character], rather than just having the same guy at the beginning."

Oh, and to fanboys who've skimmed over the rest of the blog to find more news about Wolverine's absence: welcome to the end of the blog. There is no more news. No Wolvie. I suggest you bring your replica metal claws to the theater to make up for his absence. Movie ushers love that stuff. (Cinema Blend)