Dept. Of Good Planning: No ‘TUPAC’ Actors Cast, Filming Begins In May

Thursday, February 10 by

Tupac Shakur’s ability to produce creative content from beyond the grave continues as filming for TUPAC (!) is expected to begin in May or June of this year. Though many different biopics have been bandied about, only one could enjoy a wide theatrical release, and it would appear that TUPAC is that chosen one. Director Antoine Fuqua (Training Day) is directing, but the film has yet to be cast, which is worrisome considering the importance of matching the right actor to the role of Tupac.

Beyond that, not much has been released about the project, save for the obvious fact(s) that it will chronicle his upbringing, his rise to stardom, and his downfall. Pretty insightful, eh? It’s a biopic. It’s going to convey is life through the use of video and audio.

Similarly disconcerting is the lack of discussion of a soundtrack at this stage of the game, which could obviously serve as a large revenue stream for the project, assuming the music industry still exists whenever the movie is released. I would hope that some Tupac songs make the cut for the film, especially since his estate is on board. He’s managed to put out 731 albums since his death, what’s one more? (Deadline)

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