No, Really. Tupac Shakur Just Sold His Screenplay.

Thursday, May 5 by

The phrase “Rest In Peace” does not apply to hip-hop legend Tupac “2pac” Shakur. After releasing six albums posthumously – six – he’s still got more entertainment to sell.

Shakur wrote a screenplay called Live 2 Tell, which he wrote in prison, that just recently was purchased by NStar Studios. Some inmates beat up smaller guys for cigarettes, Shakur wrote a screenplay. It’s the story of a drug lord trying to go legit, which makes sense. I’d be surprised if it was a period drama that took place during the French revolution or something.

NStar’s Preston Holmes (Tupac: Resurrection)¬†and Ivan Juzang plan to get the film into production this year, along with co-producer Dwight Williams (Hustle and Flow). The budget’s been set at $11 million dollars. The only question now is what will Shakur release next? A novel? Design docs for a video game? A self-powered machine that creates 2pac songs automatically? I guess we’ll know soon enough. (Variety)

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