No One Wants To See Zac Efron Grow Up, Apparently

Monday, February 3 by
Hey bros! 

While child and teen heartthrobs have to turn a corner in their careers in order to stay relevant, it doesn’t mean the public has to let them. Case in point: That Awkward Moment, the unfortunately-named coming-of-age relationship comedy starring Efron, Michael B. Jordan, and Miles Teller.

The film brought in Efron’s lowest opening weekend haul ever, with $9 million, good enough for only 3rd place.

What did That Awkward Moment lose to? Ride Along, which held the top spot for three weeks. That’s something of a surprise. However, Efron and Co. can be glad they outdid Jason Reitman who finished 7th with Labor Day at $5.4 million.

More Kevin Hart for everyone!

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