Green Lantern may have failed to make enough money to justify its 200-million dollar budget (and that's not including marketing costs), but that's not stopping Warner Brothers from developing a sequel.

[post-album postid="216210" item="1"]Apparently WB is looking for franchises to replace Harry Potter, the last installment of which is coming out soon. This despite a precipitous drop in second weekend box office gross for Green Lantern, dropping 66% in box office receipts from its premiere weekend to its second. That puts it in the same group as notorious blockbuster flop, 2003's Hulk, which dropped 70% and spawned a complete reboot of the franchise. WB seems to have confidence in Green Lantern's possibilities as a sequel, though. Maybe Green Lantern 2 will have star Ryan Reynolds trapped in a box for two hours. I'd watch that! (The Hollywood Reporter)