Having all but thrown in the towel in the battle against cable channels for quality programming, the CW is working on developing Extreme Musical Chairs, a reality TV competition that will incorporate physically demanding challenges in a multiple elimination tournament set on an indoor course.

Wow. I'm already bored with this program, and it hasn't even been made yet.

I guess they could use this concept as a pulpit for new musical acts, but let's face it, it's going to be Bruno Mars, Cage the Elephant, and Drake.

This show demonstrates the initiative undertaken by the station to appeal to a broader audience, with most of their previous reality programming towards "young femmes" (that's marketing speak for "girls") with an emphasis on fashion and celebs. So dumb girls. The channel was marketing previous programs to dumb girls. Now they're reaching out with Extreme Musical Chairs, programming that can be appreciated by dumb everyone. (Variety via Warming Glow)