Jack Bauer is gonna be pissed. Fox has officially passed on the script for the 24" movie that Billy Ray (Shattered Glass, Flight Plan) wrote for them. The show's producer Howard Gordon told Entertainment Weekly, “As far as I know, it is in suspended animation. There is talk about re-approaching it. I understand (director/producer) Tony Scott is meeting with Kiefer to talk about ideas. People are still talking about it." Whoa, Tony Scott wants a piece of this? The guy's got like twenty other projects that sound far more appealing than another two hours of Bauer pushing his gun muzzle into a terrorist's open wound.

A Scott and Keifer powwow is all well and good, but now that Fox has passed this project looks deader than dead. The Playlist also reports on a rumor I've never whiffed involving Jack Bauer and John McClane teaming up for Die Hard 24/7. That's such a ridiculous idea I might actually watch it. Maybe McClane could get Bauer to crack a smile. Or end his sick dependence on Chloe.