Nick Stahl, an actor who made a name for himself in a number of big-budget features, as well as more artful fare, has been missing for almost a week after last being seen in Los Angeles' Skid Row area downtown. His wife notified the police after failing to hear from him for five days, knowing that he has a substance abuse problem.

Stahl had hit a personal rough patch (putting it mildly) recently. He separated from his wife in January, who had recently requested his visits with his 2 year-old daughter be monitored and that he be drug tested 24 hours in advance of any such visit. He then got arrested for "defrauding a taxi operator for stiffing a cabbie on a fare, which cost him a day in jail.

His wife claims that his drug addiction has escalated recently, which may have played a part in his disappearance.

Get home, Nick. There's a Sin City sequel that might need you.