Nick Fury Interested In Getting Thor And Captain America To Join His Superhero Team

Thursday, February 3 by

So there have been some rumblings that Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury wouldn’t be appearing in the upcoming Marvel viking movie Thor. Well it turns out that was just some misdirection on the part of S.H.I.E.L.D, since according to Jackson, he IS going to be in Thor:

“In the next month or so, I have to do one day on Thor, and I gotta do another day on Captain America, and in April we start The Avengers — the big deal with everybody. Thor and Captain America are pretty much done, but I haven’t done my part in them yet. I’m just connective tissue for them to join The Avengers.”

The most interesting thing here to me is his confirmed appearance in Captain America, which as you might know is largely set in the 1940s during WWII. So I guess this means we’ll get to see at least once scene with a thawed-out Captain America chilling out in the modern day. Yeah, baby! (via SlashFilm)

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