Director Nick Cassavetes (John Q, The Notebook) has his next project in the works, which will perversely not make teenage girls cry despite the subject matter. It's going to be about Rick Ross - not the rapper, but the famous Miami dealer the rapper named himself after. He wasn't just any drug dealer, though:
"Ross was a major player slinging up to 100 kg of the stuff per day and he claims that he was supplied by Contras who wer fighting the Nicaraguan government at the time ... those same Contras that were funded by officials in Ronald Reagan’s administration."

Apparently, the Contra connection gives Cassavetes a personal connection to the story, as his brother was a mercenary in Nicaragua during this time. He adds: “The fact that our government may have been complicit in destroying an entire community of people makes the story personal for everyone.” He also compares the movie to Traffic, which would be awesome if he were Steven Soderbergh, but he isn't, so we'll have to wait and see. (via The Playlist)