Nicholas Braun Takes The Lead In Kevin Smith’s ‘Hit Somebody’

Tuesday, November 30 by

After being dissed and dismissed by Seann William Scott, Kevin Smith has found his tough guy lead for Hit Somebody. It’s none other than….. some kid! ABC Family actor Nicholas Braun, who just wrapped up work with Smith on his horror flick Red State, has made a great impression on the director and will team up with him again on his Warren Zevon-inspired hockey film. Smith broke the news via his Hollywood Babble-On Smodcast:

“At one point it was Seann William Scott, and Seann William Scott apparently wanted to make a hockey movie real fuckin’ bad… So he went to do another one, which meant we were star-less for a while, which was totally OK by me. But then I found so much of my Hit Somebody cast while makin Red State, so… The guy who’s going to play my lead, whose name is Buddy McKraken in the movie, is a fella who’s in our flick [Red State] and his name is Nicholas Braun. He’s this really great actor who I love to death and he is the perfect lead for this hockey movie, for this script, which is based on this Warren Zevon song.”

In summary, the film is carried by a little known lead and will be marketed solely on the name recognition of Kevin Smith and Warren Zevon. Yikes. This one’s definitely going to need an Affleck.  (via /Film)


  1. November 30, 2010 5:19 am


    Go fuck yourself, I’ll be seeing hit somebody twice

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