Nic Cage’s New Movie Is So Weird, He’s the Normal One In It

Monday, January 3 by

When I got to interview Nicolas Cage for Season of the Witch, we got to analyze his preference for weird acting in depth. That’s all background for what goes into his latest performance, so here are a few specifics. Behman (Cage) isn’t the weirdest one in this movie.

“In Season of the Witch there’s a whole lot of weird going on because we have monks that are being re-animated and possessed by demon spirits and wolves that are morphing into demon wolves,” Cage said. “We have witches that are transforming into other things so there’s a lot of it in the movie, in the true sense of the word.”

Behman is a knight escorting a suspected witch back to a monastery for examination by monks. Cage himself is a magic enthusiast, but chooses his words carefully when discussing witchcraft.

“I have an open mind. I don’t judge people in terms of what they choose to believe or not to believe. I feel everybody has the right to believe whatever they want to. It’s not something that has been my own personal practice but let’s say I’m not opposed to having friends who may have experienced things like that because I don’t tend to judge people. My understanding of that is it’s more of a nature worship as opposed to some sort on devil worship.”

Unfortunately, Behman is not likely to join the updated montage of “Nicolas Cage Losing His Sh*t” on YouTube. “The only thing I would say is I have been doing this for a very long time now. It’s been three decades and not all my characters are in that style. Some of them are more minimal and some of them are more subdued, so I don’t think that Behman would be in that particular category.”

Season of the Witch opens Friday.

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