With a title like I Am Wrath, two things are clear: This film was written with Nic Cage in mind (or Denzel if he hadn't done Man on Fire), and it's not going to call for Cage to exercise any of that restraint he hasn't demonstrated since about Adaptation.

I Am Wrath follows Cage as he avenges his wife's murder by becoming wrath and shooting people, probably. Last time I checked, Brad Pitt's character in Se7en had become wrath after (SPOILER ALERT) shooting John Doe to death after learning that Doe had killed his wife, but it's been long enough now that someone else can be wrath.

And who better than Nic Cage, a guy whose breath probably smells totally like wrath.

In case you haven't already made up your mind on whether this movie sounds awesome or terrible, here's another plot point to aide in your decision: He seeks vengeance on CORRUPT COPS.

Oh, man. I hate crooked authority figures so much, I can't wait for Cage to become wrath on them.