John Travolta and Nicolas Cage share a unique bond that not many could relate to. Sharing faces with one another will do that. So it only makes sense that they'd be eager to beat the shit out of one another on-screen again.

Looks like they're looking to get the band back together for one of two projects. The first is Shrapnel (which had jailbird John McTiernan attached), about a Bosnian soldier looking for revenge on the American soldier who wounded him. U-S-A!! U-S-A!!!

The second project to draw notice from their collective hive-eye is Sea Trial. The yacht-based thriller is centered around two couples on a romantic getaway. Things turn gnarly, however, when one of the couples isn't who they appear to be. I'm just really afraid for those poor actresses. Why anyone would ever get on a boat with either of those wackos, I don't not know.

Honestly, I'd like to see both these films. As one has potential for face removal and the other has the potential for another jet ski chase. Can we just remake Face/Off shot for shot with the original cast? Nobody would mind. (Vulture)