You might recall earlier reports of a Tarzan movie being in development at Warner Bros. You might also recall, if your memory has been able to withstand the savage jungle, that one of the scripts commissioned for the project was to be penned by screenwriter Craig Brewer.

Well, now it seems that Brewer is not only the man for the job, but he's come up with a Tarzan trilogy idea - not only that, but he wants to direct it, too. This guy must be a bigger Tarzan fan than George of the Jungle. The other script, being worked on by Adam Cozad, hasn't been thrown into the pit of snakes yet, so it remains to be seen which Tarzan will come out on top. But if WB is even giving thought to Brewer's idea for not one but three Tarzan movies, it just might be his job to lose.

No details yet on what this trilogy would entail, but it's definitely true that there is plenty of source material to work with. Edgar Rice Burroughs wasn't known for stopping at one, three, or a dozen books - the main series include 24 (!) novels. So a trilogy doesn't seem like that much, does it? (Deadline)