Scorcese may have shed some light on the earlier years of Hughes' life, but it sounds like Christopher Nolan may want to play the back nine, highlighting the reclusive billionaire's freakier, germaphobe-ier, OCD-ier later life as told in the Michael Drosnin’s 1985 Citizen Hughes: The Power, the Money and the Madness. According to Vulture, this Hughes ran up an $11 million tab at the Beverly Hills Hotel while screening films naked there, gorged on ice cream and codeine, and only trusted Mormons in his dying days. I've got a new role model: latter-years Howard Hughes.

I don't care if The Aviator came out seven short years ago, let's get Nolan on this sooner rather than later. Just hand The Dark Knight Rises off to Michael Bay or Uwe Boll or something.

If Nolan doesn't heed my Michael Bay suggestion, then he would probably get going on this in late 2012, to be released in 2014. By then people won't even remember who Scorcese and DiCaprio are, so it shouldn't be a big deal that Nolan is covering some familiar ground with this one.