New York Paid $16 Million To Keep Colbert And The ‘Late Show’

Wednesday, July 23 by
I hope that NY gave CBS at least a million to update the sign to "with Stephen Colbert."  

The Ed Sullivan Theater, David Letterman, and the Late Show have all been ingrained in the fabric of New York City, but the relationship came into question when it was announced that Letterman was retiring and Stephen Colbert was taking over.

Never to worry, though. New York through a bunch of cash at CBS and the show is staying where it is. The report is $16 million, as the headline states, but it’s actually a $5 million grant to improve the theater, some tax breaks, and a bunch of other convoluted mechanisms. That’s too bad, because I would have really liked to see Governor Andrew Cuomo hand Colbert a trash bag full of cash as they both smiled for the cameras.

In any event, LA won’t be getting Colbert or his show. Oh well, WE STILL HAVE THE BECKHAMS AND NIC CAGE.

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