There's only a week and a half 'til X-Men Origins: Wolverine drops, and Fox is making its last ditch efforts for a big opening weekend.  Here's the newest promo with some direct-addresses from Emma Frost, Blob, Stryker, Gambit, Wolverine and a few others.

Wolverine TV Promo - Watch more Funny Videos

It's like Marvel's version of a Nike Women's soccer commercial.  Like Mutants are the equivalent of Mia Hamm, who was told as a girl that sports are for men, but whose will eventually triumphed.  Or maybe it's a Visa anti-identity theft spot from back in the late '90s. 

See what I mean with an unofficial 'junkie-tized Wolvie promo after the jump:

Unofficial Wolverine Promo - Watch more Funny Videos