The marketing team behind these X-Men: First Class posters have revealed their mutant power: they can create images that boggle the mind with terribleness.

I was disappointed in the new Thor posters, but these are far worse. Why are the heads of Magneto (Michael Fassbender) and Charles Xavier (James McAvoy) floating on their own crotches? I get what they were going for: "the fresh faced youngsters will morph into these classic silhouettes... with time." However, I'd prefer they keep their floating heads inside their pants, thanks.

Let's hope the film's more in-line with the kickass trailer than these Photoshop nightmares. Seriously, these could be images from someone's nightmares, and not in a cool way. More of an annoying way.

The first class of X-Men blast into theaters June 3rd. (ComingSoon)