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Today, Hulu put up this new clip from the Robin Williams-starring WORLD’S GREATEST DAD, in which his character Lance Clayton makes nice with the old neighbor lady over some weed, bonds over zombies and informs her that his son (SPY KIDS’ Darryl Sabara) is spying on her when she drops her top every night.  What she does with the information might shock and appall you, which is perhaps why there’s an age-check gate on this clip.  

We have not had a chance to see WORLD’S GREATEST DAD yet.  The above clip is intriguing but the trailer showed even greater promise.  Even Devin from, who seems to hate a lot of stuff out there, heaped praise on it.  The film’s already available via Video On Demand.  If you’re not sold, you can check out IGN’s interview with director Bobcat Goldthwait after the jump. 

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