Various elements have combined to form the poster image for Transformers: Dark of the Moon below. You've got some boring humans, a nonsensical-looking Optimus Prime - is his hand some kind of giant laser wrench? - a few buildings post-explosions, and a two weird looking alien ships.

Put it together and you get... movie. Woo hoo.

Shia LeBeouf and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley star as apparently shocked humans in a movie where Autobots continue to fight Decepticons, destroying Earth while doing so. Honestly, I can't imagine why they're looking so shocked, since this sort of thing seems to happen quite a bit, at least to LeBeouf. Directed by Michael Bay, who promises to "roll out" of the series after this entry, Transformers: Dark of the Moon destroys Earth theaters on July 1, 2011. I recommend just renting this on Netflix instead, and if you want the IMAX experience, just sit close to the TV. (Vulture)