George Lucas in the master at taking something you love and making it somewhat worse. Whether it's adding a shitty, unnecessary CG Jabba to A New Hope or taking a galactic alien dump on the Indiana Jones series, Lucas won't leave the classics alone. Which is why we're kind of horrified to announce that Star Tours: The Adventures Continue, the newly redone 3D version of the classic Star Tours motion ride (which starred Paul Reubens as a robot pilot) opens May 20th.

So how involved was "Prequel Era" George Lucas in Star Tours 2.0? Disney Imagineers had to put their proposed story and new pilot character Ace into the garbage compactor when they “decided to take the story in a very different direction” after having “discussions with George Lucas.” Uh oh. Also, get ready to visit the beloved Geonosians and Naboo citizens! We can only hope Jar Jar makes a long, insufferable cameo.

However, it's not all bad news. We understand C3PO will be the new pilot. Also, your ship gets chased by Boba Fett, and a hologram of Admiral Ackbar appears at one point -- to exclaim something about "traps," we presume.

In other Star Wars news, the complete Blu-Ray collection of all 6 movies comes out on September 27th for $139.99. The set includes top picture quality and 30 hours of bonus features. Unfortunately, it doesn't matter how good the picture looks if what I'm watching is Han not shooting first. (/Film)