These are two new posters for the Duncan Jones helmed Source Code. It's Jones' new sci-fi thriller after the awesome Moon, where we learned that moon jobs are really, really shady.

First we see the UK poster, which is super-crazy. It's like Jake Gyllenhaal has broken through to Square Town, a dimension where everything is a bunch of squares. Good thing he brought a gun to shoot all those squares, otherwise he wouldn't stand a chance if they all decided at once to eat him or something.

The second poster was made special for the SXSW premiere of Source Code. It was designed by Olly Moss for Mondo Tees. Moss also made a Moon poster in a similarly retro style. I think this one's pretty cool. It's like Gyllenhaal's become part of a clock, a distinction that puts him in the same club as Felix The Cat. Wow, I've just described a pretty fancy club.

Source Code will be in theaters nationwide April 1st. Click the images to embiggen them. (FirstShowing)